All Saints Revolution

In August of 2012, Jay Deluxe had met up with guitarist, With Vince Medina on guitar, Mark Kosta on drums, Adam Martin on bass,and Jay Deluxe on vocals and guitar, the quartet is ready to hit the scene with a loud, hard vengeance, with plans to take it all the way.

Jay Deluxe

Front man, Jay Deluxe, as a songwriter, vocalist and/or guitarist, has always been the hub of creativity to his former, Boston based bands, such as The Splatter Punx, Suicide Party, The Whores of Babylon, Dead Idols (Hollywood),White Trash Deluxe, and the Glamourous Stuntcocks.

Vince Medina

Guitarist, Vince Medina. Vince has been playing guitar for over 20 years and was just starting to seek out his first band. With his rock/metal influences, and openness to style of playing, Vince was ready to start the forming of All Saints Revolution.

Adam Martin


Mark Kosta

Mark Kosta is from Sidney, Nebraska and cruised the streets of Longmont as a teenager. Mark has played drums for many bands such as the Boulder-based bands Redline, and Buried to the Knees. He took time away from music to attend C.U. and his major is sociology.

Jay Deluxe - Vocals/Guitar

Vince Medina - Guitar

Adam Martin - Bass

Mark Kosta - Drums